Day 30: Ventas de Narón to Meride (AKA “Time to Finish What I Started”)

We’re in the final stretch here. As I sit typing this, drinking a can of Estrella Galicia while ‘Modern Family’ plays on the albergue TV with dramatic Spanish dubbing, I have only 54 kilometers until Santiago. I’m ahead of schedule – as I’ve mentioned before, I wanted to jump a little ahead to avoid the busiest stops on the way and try and maintain some quiet, calm and peace. Today I’m in the city of Meride, actually a pretty large place, famous for its octopus pulpo. I tasted a bite from a man trying to lure me into his restaurant and that was enough for me. Thanks dude!

Last night, a bed bug dramatically made an appearance in Drew’s bed. Not going to lie, that shit is scary. I’m telling you, they’re all up in those wool blankets. So instead of succumbing to the albergue blankets on a cold night, bundle up! I think I’m still clean of those buggers, but you never know on the Camino. I actually met some people today who told me that they had some friends who had gotten bed bugs on the Camino and they got them at the SAME albergue as me! So yeah, they are no joke. Somehow I managed to get some sleep last night, still waking up every one to two hours and checking the bed for bugs, but at least there weren’t any and I didn’t get any bites!

Today was an early start as per usual, and about midway through the walk, Drew and I split up to walk on our own. It had just started to rain – only the second day of rain thus far on my Camino! – and it was amazing and so peaceful to walk in silence all by my lonesome on the path. The trees in this stretch were so majestic, winding, covered in moss in a million shades of green. The birds chirped alongside the path, rooting me on as they do daily. Today the robins were joined in by starlings who seemed very happy about the drizzle. It was a really nice walk, and as I made my way to my stop in Meride, I reflected that it was nice to be walking alone again as that was the way I had started. It’s interesting to walk by yourself. There are moments when you feel so connected to your surroundings, to the path, to the trees and the sky and the pilgrims who made their way before you… and then minutes later you can be totally in your head, miserable, questioning everything. I think it is important for me to embrace those uncomfortable moments in these last few days and make sure I understand why I’m here and what I plan to do when I’m finished. Drew felt similarly, and we decided to split up and celebrate together on Sunday night when I make it to Santiago. (He’ll get there on Saturday.)

One question: does anyone know what these things are? They are in front or to the side of nearly everyone’s houses here in Galicia!

I can’t believe that this is my thirtieth day and that this walk is nearly over. I feel like this is so easy – just waking up every day, packing my bag, and walking for hours until I feel ready to stop. Things will likely be much harder when I have to digest it all. Until then, I am in heaven and loving every moment.

Thank you so much to my Day 30 sponsors! This day was sponsored Jim and Tricia B. and Doug and Charol S. I am so thankful to these amazing family members for their support on this journey. Thank you!

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