The 33 Project

¡Buen Camino!

Well, hello there. Look at you, stumbling upon this page. Maybe you are wondering what the hell Ashley is up to this time… or maybe you’re stuck at work drinking a mediocre cup of coffee and indulging in some practical Wanderlust. Maybe you’ve always wanted to do something and need a kick in the butt. Whatever your reasoning for being here, thank you. Thank you for sending me a little bit of good mojo… wait for it… right… now! Oooh thanks, I felt that. That was nice.

So, what am I doing, you ask? I’m a 33 year old at the precipice of everything. Circumstances of business, life, heart and soul just collided into a perfect shit storm, and in one day I decided to actually embark on something I had been dreaming of doing in my 33rd year on earth: the Camino de Santiago. This is a medieval pilgrimage route starting in the French Pyrenean town of St-Jean-Pied-de-Port and finishing in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. Over 33 days, I will walk 482.3 miles and aim to spend no more than $33 per day (this goes toward pilgrim hostels and food). I am planning to organize my thoughts in dedicated writing sessions every day, reflect on the 33 years I’ve had under my belt to date and the people that have molded me into who I am, and make plans for an awesome future ahead. This is The 33 Project.

I am asking for loved ones to consider sponsoring one day of my journey for $33. You pick the exact day, and I promise to think of you during my days walking, write about you/our relationship/our memories and stories as a part of this project, and to send you a postcard letting you know what happened on the day you sponsored.

I will be updating this website daily in the blog section so that you can track my travels, but most of the writing I will work on will be put toward a larger idea that I can edit upon my return.

Welcome to The 33 Project and thank you for your support!