Days 2 and 3: Roncesvalles to Larrasoana to Cizur Menor

Damn it’s hard to find the time to blog! I’m getting the writing in and also reasonably on top of the Instagram, but it’s tough to make sure that this is also up to date.

Basically, I’m sore. Actually feel like I’m in better condition that a lot of others on Day 3, but I have some pretty wicked blisters on my big toes. There was a lot of downhill yesterday on the way in to Larrasoana, and my feet were aching, but I had no idea until I arrived and removed my shoes that my toes were so blistered. I was schooled in the needle and thread blister draining technique, then compeed-ed up my feet this morning and put some extra tape on my toes. By the time I reached Pamplona for a midday lunch, the blisters were filled again and I had returned to hell. Luckily I am not the only one. All of my trail friends are nursing blisters. We are staying at a really cute little albergue with a little old lady who “specializes” in blisters. There was a line of pilgrims waiting for her assistance with their ailments, and she made quick work with fingers, iodine, pads, tape and… sanitary pads. Yep. She was lining the shoes of some of the pilgrims with sanitary pads for extra padding and to keep feet from slipping. But you have to just trust her because she’s the expert!

I have been making friends all over the place which is also hard for tme management in the afternoon/evenings after we’ve arrived. I need to write in my journal, postcards, word doc and blog… but I really want to just drink Vino Tinto with my trail buddies! I might have to go a little easier on myself and just let that happen a little more often.

So I am here safe and sound on Day 3 – tomorrow takes me to Puente La Reina – an approximate 18.5 km hike with a good climb in the morning. I am SO excited for a shorter hike tomorrow. Looking forward to an easier day – though it is quite a mountain.

Okay I’m being beckoned for dinner. Some place in town serves free tapas when you order wine.

Thank you so much to my sponsors yesterday, Jennifer S. from NYC and Neil C. from England. And my lovely sponsor today was my amazing Opa in honor of my Oma’s father, Georg Vahlenkamp. Feeling really grateful right now.

3 thoughts on “Days 2 and 3: Roncesvalles to Larrasoana to Cizur Menor

  1. Let the experts treat your blisters, take care of yourself, stop and take big inhales. You need oxygenated blood to do this and heal your blisters. Sending positive thoughts and love. Grams


  2. Blisters sound awful! You will definitely be a master of the needle/thread I think soon! Enjoy it, and when its wine o’clock forget about your homework. xx


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