It’s actually happening.

I’m kind of in a mild state of shock right now, I’m pretty sure. I can’t stop comparing how I am now to how I was just a few days ago. I know not everyone has the opportunity to just stop what they’re doing and run off to Spain, and I recognize the good luck that followed me my bad luck as something unique. It’s a blessing.

And the avalanche of support from family and friends has been overwhelming. I’m sure that everyone has moments where they find themselves questioning their purpose in life, whether they really matter, if they could make any kind of positive change in the world… and I have been dealing with that for a couple of years now. To hear from so many people with such positive words and all the sponsorships… damn, guys. You got me good.

I am sitting on the E train to Sutphin Blvd-JFK right now. I have one of my two outfits on, hiking shoes ready to go, backpack strapped on snugly with the scallop shell hanging off. Oh, woah, a train just arrived across the platform and about 30 people just ran on and killed my vibe. Naw, that’s cool New York, I see what you did there. Don’t take yourself so seriously, right?

So let’s keep this brief, then. Here I go.

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